Tabi recorded at NYU Dolan studio and is ecstatic! This is going to contribute with her song recordings.  We are on our way to my first ever studio album and continuing to record next month at Dubway studios. Please consider being a part of this!


Please check out Tabi on 4 Wheel City's new album SPIRITUAL in a track called Music! This is Tabi's first time being featured, and these hip hop artists are making changes at the White House for accessibility and anti-gun violence and they have collaborated with Snoop Dogg.  Tabi is still raising funds for her first studio album ever, so please head over to the DONATE page to contribute to her dream!


Did you know Tabi graduated Summa Cum Laude in Computer Science with a minor in Music and Math?  Tabi is excited to be a Distinguished Panelist and a performer with her band at her Alma mater Pace University.  Please join this FREE event at Pace University's Disability Film Festival!  Tuesday March 20th from 4-9pm.  Details here.


New year, new show!  Come see Tabi at the rockin' Arlene's Grocery!  Unlike ever before, see Tabi and band perform a full rock show that will get you hyped!  Tix available here.

There's been a lot of press about Tabi and she is thankful. From J.P. Morgan Chase, Tabi was featured on their brand's public website, at Chase bank branches, and at The Atlantic - showing diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities in the workplace.  She has also been featured at the pioneer consumer directed home health agency COINY at their annual gala, website, and YouTube channel.  


Tabi had an OVERSOLD out show at Rockwood Music Hall!  What's next?  Tabi is going to make an album with Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Burn.  Please contribute to this dream on the DONATE page


This is a big one y'all!  Tabi at Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, August 5th @ 8PM.  $10 tix available here.  New songs, always groovy, show some love.


Join An Evening with Tabi, a show at Fancy Free Gift Shop which offers employment opportunities for differently-abled people!  Thursday May 4th - Doors 6pm/Show 7pm - with Fabian and Michael.  Also, check out Tabi performing "I Am Able" on BronxNet Television.  


Tabi will be singing the National Anthem and a new song she is writing called "I Am Able" at the MDA Muscle Walk on Sunday September 18 in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens.  Donate if you can!


Tabi is featured in a photo by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities!  Check out Accessible NYC and the plans to improve New York City for people with disabilities.


What an exciting show for Tabi, Miles, and Fabian at the Sidewalk Café. In case you missed it, check out the videos here. Mark your calendars for Tabi's next performance - an appearance at the second annual NYC Disability Pride Parade on July 10!


Tabi had a successful debut at NYPL - it was a big audience and Tabi was surprised that popular singer-songwriter Christina Perri came to watch her show!  Tabi's next show is Saturday May 7 @ 5:30PM @ Sidewalk Cafe.


See Tabi perform at the New York Public Library for the first time on Wednesday April 13 @ 6:45PM! Details here.

Tabi's song "Risk Losing You" with Miles Machon is available for $0.99 download on iTunes and free streaming on Spotify!  Tabi just had an engaging performance at Leftfield Bar.  Her next performance will be at 17 Frost St in Brooklyn, Saturday November 28th @ 8PM, Troubadours of Brooklyn (Click for tix).


Tabi met Chip Esten and Jonathan Jackson from the TV show Nashville. Watch Chip dance with Tabi here.  Faves were Chip's "We Are America" and Jonathan's "Everything is Possible".  Chip & Jonathan, please check out "Move A Muscle" and "I Won't Hide".  Also save the date everyone! On Saturday November 28th @ 8PM, Tabi will be the opening act in Troubadours of Brooklyn @ 17 Frost.



Tabi had a wonderful day at the disability pride parade in New York City!  Check out video clips on her YouTube channel to see her performance and interview!



Please join Tabi on July 12th in celebrating the ADA's 25th anniversary at the first annual Disability Pride Parade in NYC!  She will be marching and performing original songs.  Details: disabilitypridenyc.com.



Tabi's recovered and her appearance at The Bitter End has been scheduled for Sunday August 9 @ 8PM.  SAVE THE DATE for joining in the celebration of new songs and new styles!



Exciting news can come in pairs!  Tabi's show at The Bitter End Sunday February 15 is official and Miles Machon has recorded a beautiful rendition of "I Won't Hide".



It's Christmas time!  Check out my original Christmas song, "Only Good".  And save the date...Feb 15 @ 7PM @ The Bitter End.



New songs have been posted on the audio page.



Hooray for the annual MDA Muscle Walk!  My Feisty Fighters team raised over $6,000.  I brought volunteers to help at this event.   And I performed I Wrote Life and Make A Muscle!  The Muscle Walk is deemed the MDA FAMILY REUNION. It honors the money raised for adults and children with any of the more than 40 muscle diseases.


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