Support Tabi by contributing to making her first studio album!

PROGRESS-37% raised

Tabi is fundraising because:

- It is now or never, we have waited too long and Tabi's songs are catchy, intricate, inspiring, relateable, and therefore deserve to be more accessible, presentable, and brought to their potential!

- A solid album paves the way for Tabi in her music career, such as getting a publishing deal and collaboration opportunity (fingers crossed)

- Hosting on does not take fees out of your donations like gofundme and pledgemusic do

What you can get if you donate:

Full digital copy of this Dream medley

TabiNYC items such as high quality shirts, tote, cap, and shotglass

Special thanks to those who have already contributed to the dream:

John Bederman

Kevin E.

Ray Posadas

Theresa Pepe

Peter Estrellado

Alexandrina Damionova

Mark Messer

Greg Woythaler

Monica Satkalmi

Pam Dumlao

Vincent Gong

Mohsen Mohammed

Carla Dumlao

Hirza Pimentel 

Sara Tabor

Christelle Scharff

Dean Landew

Nimfa Estrellado

Genevieve Espiloy

John Parras

Ronnie Reyes

Cindy Cruzada

Arnel Dionisio

Stan Tran

Concepts of Independence

Randy Carraway 

Eileen Crupi

Tommy Petersen

Lisa Baker

Camilo Dumlao

Justin Corpuz

Kathy Garland

Peggy Italiano

Ning Gonzales

Laura Cruzada

Marcia Lewis

Lisa Yost

Samantha Picone

Issa Machon

Chissa Lewis

Katrina Agustin

Olga Novak

Lena Dumlao

Jacklyn Morrison

Rubab Sayeed

Bev Ford

Mihan Torres

Christina Pontikis

Val Peguero

Rosalba Garcia

Jason Torres

Michelle Stewart

Simona Grinshpun

The Signal Collection LLC

Mikelle Adgate

Hyza Laurente

Carina Agustin

Jackie Yee

Javier Ortega

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