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Tabi is a singer-songwriter and disability advocate. Tabi was born with Muscular Dystrophy, which causes the weakness she has in her muscles and her limited mobility. She started singing at an early age for fun and as a way of exercising her lungs and diaphragm, which in 2021 was described on live television in CNN's The Human Factor. Her love for music and helping inspire others like herself led Tabi to songwriting and performing.



Tabi’s style of music spans across many genres: R&B, pop, rock, folk, jazz, blues, country, and dance. Her influences include singer-songwriters with a wide-vocal range such as Mariah Carey, Anna Nalick, Rachael Yamagata and Jaymay. Tabi also adores musicals and their artists. A common denominator in Tabi’s music is soulfulness and catchy melodies. Tabi writes about her experiences on love, life, and being different.  She started performing in 2010 at open mics, buildinh a catalog of original music leading to her own full sets, climbing her way up the NYC venue scene. 

Tabi was the opening performer at the first ever Annual NYC Disability Pride Parade in 2015 to celebrate the ADA's 25th anniversary.  In 2016, Tabi had her own show at the New York Public Library titled, "A Concert on Life, Love, and Being Different".  She performed at the Prudential Center and Brooklyn Dodgers stadium, and in 2017 her show was sold out at Rockwood Music Hall.  In 2019,  Tabi performed at Mercury Lounge in celebration of her first studio album which is named after her track "I Wrote Life", and then again later that year alongside NPR's Tiny Desk singer-songwriter and violinist gem Gaelynn Lea.  Her follow-up album "Stance" was released in 2022 and she looks forward to releasing more studio albums.

Tabi volunteers regularly with various organizations including MDA and Learning Ally. She initiated accessibility changes in New York City, including at MTV and Schimmel Theatre (home of Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio). Tabi founded the employee resource group ENABLE at New York Life.  In 2021, Tabi joined other disabled musicians speaking to the Recording Academy, invited as a professional member of RAMPD: Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities.  In 2023, Tabi’s “Keep Rolling On” is the song in the film Rain In My Head that won for Best Film, Best Director, & Best Actor winner at the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge 10th anniversary award show. Also in 2023, Tabi was on FM radio stations WFUV and WMVY.


Tabi is a VP Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan Chase and was featured on their public website, at Chase bank branches, on The Atlantic, at the United Nations, and more - showing diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities in the workplace.  She has performed/presented at corporations, universities, hospitals, church, podcasts, and music conferences. During the entire 2017 at St. Joseph’s Chapel,  Tabi volunteered selecting and leading all of the hymns on Sunday mass.  Tabi has been featured multiple times in The New York Times, featured in No Depression, and mentioned in Billboard magazine. As a part of the SMA My Way community collaboration, Tabi was a model during New York Fashion Week 2022 which was featured in Vogue magazine.

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