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- 2011 Robert Ross MDA Personal Achievement Award

- 2012 MDA Performer Award



“Working with Tabi was a great experience. Not only are her songs catchy and very well crafted, but each one also represents a piece of the story that is her life. So for me, producing this album was like helping her tell her story, her struggles, and her achievements to the world and that was very humbling.”

Russell Castiglione

Producer and Engineer, Dubway Studios


“Tabi puts her life into her songs. It’s refreshing to hear an artist being so real in their work.”

Dave McNair

Mastering Engineer, Dave McNair Studios

"Her voice straddles the ether and the corporeal world; every note precisely articulating a word in a series of notes and words that form ideas. The melody and harmony of her songs evolve organically, and lead to surprising places that compliment the drama of her poetic narrative. She is a poet, songsmith and performer, and for all that listen to her, she is also a hero; Her music makes the world better, and that is what heroes do."


           Javier Hernandez-Miyares

           Musician, Composer and Creative Director of 17 Frost Theater of the Arts



"Tabi played a truly wonderful show with us at Leftfield. With soulful sound and emotive lyrics she truly captured her audience."  


           Marie Walsh

           TurnStyle Music Group


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