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I Wrote Life was produced by Russell Castiglione a producer and engineer at Dubway Studios who has worked Trey Songz and Norah Jones. It was master engineered by Dave McNair, a Grammy winning producer who has also worked on chart topping albums by David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, and Maroon 5. The album includes Tabi fan-favorites such as Peaks in the Mountains which she performed live at New York City’s Disability Pride Parade. Songs I Won’t Hide and I Am Able reveal deep insights about falling in love and healing after a broken heart. Tabi writes songs such as Keep Rolling On to inspire others to be strong and hopeful as they face life’s different adversities. The title track I Wrote Life recounts a childhood memory when a teacher asked all of her students to write down a word. Tabi wrote the word “Life” and the song reflects her ongoing desire to engage in struggles and triumphs that every-day-life can bring.

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