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I wrote this song about the beginnings of Judy Heumann’s activism for disability rights described in her first published autobiography Being Heumann and also the 2020 Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary Crip Camp. I am proud to say that even some of my bandmates watched the documentary before I had the chance and they loved it - reinforcing the fact that it has reached many people - disabled and non-disabled! I hope my original song helps her story reach even more. The song title is “Waiting in the Wings” which follows my sarcastic song title trend implicating the ever present social inequalities I face.

In this song, I have the pleasure of sharing vocals as a duet with Shannon Devido, who I have been friends with for over a decade since her singing voice caught my attention. She has spinal muscular atrophy like me, and has leading actress in a Hulu movie and popular TV networks under her belt!

Hope you enjoy your discovery in disability advocacy as you listen to this theatrical tune that was instrumented by Miles Machon. The lyrics are available in all of the streaming platforms. Please share and add “Waiting in the Wings” to your playlist!

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